Why are ice cream truck drivers never to be trusted? Because of this 24-year-old New York ice cream truck driver. First, he was high and driving an ice cream truck. Next he was belligerent and screaming at kids from inside the truck. And then, of course, he was cruising around in only his underwear.

My biggest question: Why are you so mad? You’re high, but literally inside a van full of ice cream treats. You’re hot, but again you’re pretty much in a refrigerator and also you did take off your pants. Maybe if Belligerent Naked Ice Cream Man wasn’t screaming at children he would just be Very Weird Naked Ice Cream Man, which, while bad isn’t so bad.

Police were called to the scene and, even though he refused a drug test, decided “Yes, this practically naked, screaming man is on drugs”.

“Anytime that you have an individual out in public, dealing with children or just the general public, and all of a sudden they’re stripped down to their underwear—that’s going to raise a few eyebrows, and it certainly did with us.” Good point, Erie County Sheriff’s Office.


via WTNH image (c) Thinkstock/iStockPhoto

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