Once again, America turned to animals to predict a super important event.  Who would win the Super Bowl?  Creatures from puppies to tigers had to make the delicate decision.

While most zoo animals favored the team that was named after a fellow animal, one seal dared to be different.  Or unbiased.

Her name is Orange and she’s Maritime Aquarium’s own professional prognosticating sports seal.  To be more accurate, she’s a 34-year-old harbor seal.

Stamford Daily Voice reports that, unfortunately, Orange is not the best at making predictions.   She missed the mark over the past five years, so when she picked the Patriots to take home the glory, even her trainer doubted her.  Because statistics.

Her trainer, Ellen Riker, said, “Considering the seals’ zero winning streak, I would advise you to bet against whoever Orange picks.  Although, there is a first time for everything.”

Well, we know what happened next!  Sixth time proved to be the charm.

Now, does she predict lottery numbers?  Because, I’m totally asking for a friend…

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