Well it’s the hottest day ever in Connecticut today, so let’s cool things off for a bit…with WWF Ice Cream Bars.

Stamford, Connecticut’s own WWE (formerly WWF) in the 1980s absolutely ruled the ice cream truck industry every summer with Superstar Ice Cream bars. Cookie top, vanilla middle, chocolate bottom – few things are better. I mean just look at that picture – how excited is Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart for that Hulk Hogan bar?!? (Although, probably a lot less excited after what happened last week)

…and then, they were gone.

Despite pleas (even from their (former) employees) for them to come back, who knows if that day will ever come. In the meantime, WWE was nice enough to give us this nostalgic look back on some amazing(-ly bad) promos for a delicious treat that we can’t have anymore.

Image via: grub.gunaxin.com

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