Well count me excited AND hungry!  A new type of festival will kick down CT’s doors this summer.  So if you like tacos AND all you can eat contests, you cannot miss this taco festival.

NBC Connecticut reports that Mexican food lovers should mark their calendars for June 30th.  The Connecticut Taco Festival will happen at Harrybrooke Park in New Milford between 12 to 6pm.

Besides an abundance of delicious ground meat, sour cream, and guac, this festival also offers live music and delicious drinks.  Plus, it comes with a build-your-own-taco bar!

15 restaurants and food trucks in all will be there, vying for your love and money. But, then again, tacos bring people together and are the source of happiness.

Also, if you really love tacos, you should definitely enter the all-you-can-eat contest.  However, the festival hasn’t yet set a time for this magnificent event.  They should announce it when we creep a little closer to TDay.

Registration is free with admission, so if you think you have what it takes to win, nothing will stop you.  PS: in the promo image, it looks like you compete using soft-shelled tacos.  So, it might not be as messy as the alternative crispy shell that comes apart in a singular bite.

However, this taco festival only wants to achieve one thing, and one thing only.  This event is all about determining Connecticut’s “Top Taco.”  Your job is pretty easy.

Visit all 15 restaurants and food trucks, sample their goods, and rate it.  The winner will be announced towards the end of the night, guaranteeing a year of bragging rights.

Oh, right, tacos range far beyond the simple “ground beef and cheese.”  These competitors intend to go all out, so don’t be alarmed by the culinary array of treats.

If you need an idea, visit the taco festival’s official INSTAGRAM.   Personally, I have my eyes on the tuna tartare ones.

So if you wish to taste greatness, buy your tickets ASAP.  Actually, they almost completely sold out of four packs.  Unfortunately, VIP  tickets already sold out, which guaranteed unlimited drinks AND tacos.  Sorry!

Also, it looks like the taco festival will continue to accept potential vendors.   Worth throwing your name into the hat.  Who knows, you might become the next top taco place in CT!

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