This is either a really good idea or a complete civil rights issue but interesting nonetheless. Effingham County, which borders up to South Carolina, is rounding up all their sex offenders on probation and requiring them to be in jail, again, during peak trick-or-treating hours Halloween night. Which then begs the important question: do they get candy in jail?

Any kids out on the streets pedaling neighbors for candy between 6-9pm will only be in danger of consuming too much candy, or another batch of newer sex offenders who haven’t been¬†arrested yet.

The Effingham County Sheriff’s Office says they’re also bringing on extra deputies to patrol neighborhoods to ensure a fun and safe Halloween.

So does Effingham County have a huge problem with sex offenders? Not really, they currently have almost 50. How many does New Haven have? Oh, about 500. In the city alone. New Haven County is nearing 1,400.

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