As a testament to how deranged young twenty-somethings can be, UCONN has a problem on their hands.  Stolen winter boots.  Yep, that’s right.  Since the winter has taken a snowy turn, many students are finding their boots… well… stolen.  You remember the days… Coming home to your dorm with your feet soaking wet, so you kick off your shoes, leave them right outside your door to dry off- and you think to yourself “I’ll grab them later”.  The problem now is that many of the students are reaching outside their doors and finding that their boots are gone.

Boot thieves are taking over the Storrs campus.

The question I pose is if you leave your boots unattended- are you asking to have your boots stolen?  It’s common area.  In a lot of ways it’s the same as when people leave old TVs or couches on their front lawns near the curb… It’s free for whoever wants it.  The only difference here is that:

1. A lot of these boots are designer brands and new.


2.  Millennials are jerks.

Living in a condo community, there’s nothing I find more disgusting than when neighbors leave their shoes out in the hall.  Until you pay additional common charges to store your crap outside my door, bring your shoes inside.  Maybe their shoes will disappear too…


Source: Daily Campus

Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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