CT BOOM is an online destination for all things Connecticut. The site is curated by editor and writer Kevin Begley. Back in the fall of 2012, Connoisseur Media Connecticut decided that our state needed a place for everyone to read, watch, and yell about Connecticut. Wacky stories, news, music, sports, culture and everything in between.

Since the site launched, CTBoom has been on the pulse of all things happening in Connecticut. Turning local stories into national headlines. Everything on this site is done with a comedic, entertaining angle that we hope will make your day a little bit better. We never have and never will claim to be actual journalists. It is our mission to let the world know what is actually going on here in the great state of Connecticut.

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Kevin Begley  @KevinBegley

Kevin Begley is a New England native with a love for all things food (mostly pizza), music and tech. He once lived in Los Angeles, CA where he failed to ever make it onto TMZ. He also drank all the beer in Richmond, VA for two years. He finally wised up and made his way back up north to Connecticut. Kevin enjoys live music, witty Instagram #hashtags and his never-ending quest to try every food truck known to man.


Anna Zap @AnnaZapOnAir

Anna Zap is a Connecticut girl. She was born and raised in Fairfield County and likes being a townie. The best compliment she ever received was from a disgruntled reader that wrote, “I can’t believe any college gave this idiot a Master’s degree”. She can’t believe it either. She can be easily found at local bars with a martini in one hand while being distracted by shiny objects.


Pam @PAMdemonium991

Pam did brief stints in LA & NJ before settling back to CT where she was born/raised/educated at the university level… You know Yale? Yea, not there, down the street at Southern. If you had to compare her personality to a television character, it would be Vince Masuka from Dexter. You’ll find her at all times scavenging for free food and trying to work herself out of some random mess.


Ed @Special_Ed

Ed is lives in Wallingford with his wife, baby, two dogs and two cats. Originally from VA he spent time in Boston before moving to CT. He was an average student who put off going to college until his early 20s. He then spent eight years getting a useless degree in Mass Comm. At some point he wanted to be a big-time radio personality but after a few bad decisions he has found himself writing for CTBoom.


Allan @AllanLamberti

Allan Lamberti loves Connecticut so much that when he moved here all the way from Texas 20 years ago he’s never left (nor attempted to leave). A Trumbull High School graduate, Allan lives in Bridgeport (the safe section) and is more than happy to eat whatever you’ve left on your plate (as long as you’re finished, of course).


Meghan @MegBoyd

Meghan is originally from the picturesque town of Guilford where she spent a good portion of her days partying like a hometown rockstar. After a failed attempt at going to a “real” college in Boston, she became an ultra-cool graphic designer (up for discussion) at Pratt in Brooklyn, NY. After a series of life mistakes, she found herself back in CT only to become a grumpy barista where her addiction for caffeine hit rock bottom. If you meet her in the morning, approach slowly and use caution.

klonkKlonk @MissKlonk

Klonk…People often ask “Is that a boy or a girl”, “Is that a first or Last name” and “why would anyone call someone that” ?? Well, I’m a girl…It’s not my real name (My parents don’t hate me…well hate me that much…lol!), and “Klonk” is really a sound effect!!  I grew up in West Hartford and have lived in CT my entire life. I have a passion for all things music and a LITTLE TINY obsession with the band SOUNDGARDEN.

Meg @MeganStoneCT

Megan Stone was born and raised in a small Connecticut town that no one knows exists.  She ditched UConn to study in Baltimore and Belgium – then upon graduating, was overcome by an existential crisis-like daze that convinced her that student loan debt was a good thing – so she bounced on over to Boston to get her Master’s Degree. You can now find her wrapped in a blanket, binging sad shows on Netflix, and crying into a half-eaten pint of Ben & Jerry’s.