If you feel like laughing until it hurts, you don’t want to miss Brian Regan tomorrow at Foxwoods.  Hailed as a comic genius, Regan delivers scathing criticism on life’s small inconveniences in the most satisfying way.

Such as his amazing take down of first-class passengers and their ridiculous on-flight accommodations.  Because when will the little guys in the economy class get their turn?  The answer?  Never.

But that’s what makes Regan’s comedy stand out.  He vocalizes the little angry voices that pop up in our mind whenever life decides to throw us a road block. Directly at our heads.  Which is why his humor resonates with those coming from every generation.

Like everyone feels lost at the eye doctor, especially as they switch lenses and ask you if you like “1” or “2” better.

His brand of humor is completely relateable to the everyday man and woman.  Plus, nothing feels more vindicating when a world-class comedian backs up your hatred of emergency rooms and dinner parties.

Also, Brian Regan is one of the liveliest comics out there.  He’ll dance, shuffle, and worm his way all over the stage to accompany his visual humor.  He probably blows through several pairs of shoes during his tour.

But his on-stage movements pale in comparison to his wide array of wacky facial expressions that were once only thought achievable by Jim Carrey.

Don’t believe me?  Watch his epic take down on serving sizes:


He slowly builds his expertly crafted jokes, peppering them with exaggerated expressions and body language, until he strikes you with the punchline.  And it’s the payoff that will get you on your feet and clapping… if you can manage between all the wheezing and coughing from laughing so hard.

Plus, he’s Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite comedian.  He’s also one of Jimmy Falon’s faves, too.  So, if these two masters of late night entertainment brake for Brian Regan, you know he’s an act that shouldn’t be missed.

Plus, he left his fingerprints all over comedy history back in 2015 when he became the first comic in Comedy Central’s history to do a a live stand-up special broadcast.  Which so happened to film in Radio City Music Hall.

Also, when Letterman closed out his late night series, Regan gave the final stand-up performance.

This works over 100 cities a year, making people laugh from coast to coast.   His passion for comedy shines through his interactive routines.  Plus, it gives him a platform to validate everyone’s hatred of life’s little inconveniences.   Like missed UPS deliveries.

So, grab your tickets HERE for his 8p show at the Grand Theater in Foxwoods.  You’ll be so pleased with the show he has planned for you!

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