Wait, hold up… Gotham City isn’t a darker grittier version of New York City or New Jersey?  Who knew!

Considering the swath of skyscrapers and heavy allusions to those areas in the comics (most recently Suicide Squad,) it’s easy to believe that Batman is not a resident of Connecticut.  Well, as it turns out, Bruce Wayne and all his friends are Nutmeggers.

You can thank my subscription to Netflix and my total lack of self-control when it comes to binging for finding this neat treasure.

So, I know I am really late to the Young Justice bandwagon.  Then again, with season 3 recently announced, maybe I’m right on time.

Anyways, it’s a DC animated series based around our favorite heroes’ sidekicks: like Robin, Super Boy, and Kid Flash.  To be completely honest: the series is fantastic and I highly recommend it.   So many New England jokes…

So, while binging the entirety of season 1 on Netflix the other day, a split second frame caused me to nearly spit out my drink.  I honestly thought my mind was playing tricks because I was barely able to process what just happened.  But, nevertheless, I picked up that Roku remote and furiously rewound.  When I came across my target, everything suddenly made so much sense.

Gotham City is Bridgeport.  Don’t believe me?  Look at this amazing photo I took with my smartphone.


You can’t really argue with the facts.  It’s all there, black and white, clear as crystal.

Then again, I think most people are shocked but not really surprised.   All I can say is “headcanon accepted.”  Bring on the ancient bat demon living beneath the city.

So, what do you make of this?  Had Wayne Enterprises been set in Connecticut, would Batman still be paying taxes here or would he have moved to another business-friendly area?

One thing is for certain, it explains SO MUCH!  So… when’s Wonder Woman coming for a visit?


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