For years, the selfie has been a scourge on society. It has introduced a host of problematic new camera angles. It has led to people stopping in the middle of sidewalks and hallways to snap a shot, blocking the normal flow of foot traffic. It has even literally killed people who were in search of the most dangerous selfie possible.

Naturally, humans didn’t just stop taking the most narcissistic pictures imaginable. No, we invented tools to help us. The selfie stick. Phone cases that double as lighting instruments that eliminate unflattering shadows. Filters to make ourselves look tanner, thinner, or more artsy.

But soon (hopefully), the selfie trend will die. And if it does, we will all be able to thank Jason Segel, of How I Met Your Mother fame, for inventing the trend that will replace it: The Walking Video. Take a look:

It’s simple, hilarious, and perfect in just about every way. There is awkward humor. There is confusion. There is acceptance. And, ultimately, there is a window into the subject’s soul. Are they a narrator, too insecure with themselves to allow long periods of silence? Are they easy going – will they join the walking video and get into the concept without hesitation? Are they controlling, grabbing at the phone the moment they realize this isn’t what they wanted?

The walking video reveals all. There are no filters or edits. There are no lighting tricks or techniques. Just a short segment of video that fully demonstrates how someone can handle a situation when something totally unexpected happens.

So stop taking selfies, people. Not only are they stupid and narcissistic. Not only are you creating content that literally no one cares about. But now there is a perfectly awesome alternative that we can all adopt and embrace. The selfie’s time is over – we are now in the era of The Walking Video. Enjoy.

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