It’s been a tumultuous near-decade for many of us. The economy has twisted, turned, and left most of us confused. The job market has disappointed and shown no mercy. The future has grown grim.

And it is in that future that we find Adam Dunn and his character Renny in Rivers of Gold. A New York City in shambles, ravaged by crime and riots, and little or nothing to be done about it.

Renny, a fashion photographer by day and drug dealer by night, shows us the lengths we may have to go to survive in the not-to-distant future. It seems terrifying and thrilling all at once.

And it is just the first in a series of “apocalypse noir” books from Dunn. Rivers of Gold is one of three, followed by second installment The Big Dogs and third installment Saint Underground.

In the series, Dunn sets the financial crisis onto the backdrop of New York City and its various systems of transportation in order to show what he calls a “chain of money – but really a chain of contagion that goes all the way up.”

In this dark and exhilarating world with ruthless Eastern European drug lords, rules for how to have sex in taxis, and a mentality where criminals are “innovators,” there isn’t a dull moment.

Hear more from Dunn as we sat in on a recent interview, and visit his website,, to read more and dive down the rabbit hole with Renny.

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