In 2016, we’ve watched presidential politics reach new heights of crazy and new lows of class. The bitterness with which both candidates and the parties behind them have fought for the White House has left many of us itching for the day it’s all over. And worse still, it feels like no one saw this coming. No one could have predicted the madness of Election 2016.

No one except Adam Dunn.

Dunn, founder of Dunn Books and author of titles including The Big Dogs, Rivers of Gold, and Saint Underground, has long been lauded for his research, the level of detail in his writing, and a style of exhilarating writing that must be read with a wry smile. But with 2016 unfolding the way it has, he can add another accolade to his list: Fortune teller.

In his book Saint Underground, which Dunn finished writing in early 2015, we are transported to a dystopian New York city that is remarkably similar to what we’re seeing today. As Democrats and Republicans vie for control of the nation itself, two law enforcement officials in the nation’s most influential city are caught in the crossfire. We are caught with them, dragged into a world of shadow banking and politics as blood sport that makes for a thrilling and heart-stopping ride.

Only one man saw the craziness coming, and with two weeks before the election, surely this is more to come. Get your copy of Saint Underground now to find out what may be in store before all the chips have fallen in Election 2016.

Hear more from Dunn as we sat in on a recent interview, and visit his website,, to read more and get your copy of Saint Underground.

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