Here in Connecticut, we don’t get much celebrity attention. Our “high profile” residents are mostly rich people who spend a lot of time not being in Connecticut.

So when CT Boom sees a headline about a celebrity not only getting caught in our state, but being happy about it, we stop the figurative presses and put it out to the people.

Today’s nugget of Connecticut celebrity news involves comedian Adam Sandler, who unfortunately got stuck in Middletown, Connecticut with a flat tire. According to 16 WMPO, Sandler talked about the incident during a radio interview, and described a scene where he was about to call for a new rental car when “two, maybe three cars that pulled over behind us and offered to put the spare on.”

He went on to say, “I mean, I was just so impressed that people could be that friendly to pull over so quickly and offer to help a complete stranger. You have to understand that this is something that would’ve never happened in L.A.!”

Boo yah! Connecticut is the best!

I mean, I’m not saying I would pull over to help someone change their tire, but that’s mostly because my tire-changing skills would probably hurt the situation more than they would help. But it’s good to know that the Connecticut folks who can change tires will stop to help people who need tires changed, and give our state a little good press in the process.

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