A little too late, don’t you think?  Either way, Apple heard us loud and clear: stop slowing down our iPhones.  The company finally revealed that they will stop slowing down our phones for so-called “battery preserving” reasons.

Thank GOD.

CBS Connecticut reports that Tim Cook confirmed the pending changes.  Customers will finally have the option to opt out of Apple’s battery throttling in the next iOS update.  So, if you own an iPhone 6 or 6s, your phone will go back to normal come next update.

Also, with this new update, comes the option for users to check on their battery’s health.  However, this new update won’t come to our phones until next month.  So, we just have to wait with slow as molasses phones until then.

Yeah, Tim Cook admitted Apple intentionally slowed down older iPhones because it supposedly improved power management.  Also, apparently, forcing the battery to run at a crawl prevented unwanted shutdowns.

Well, that explains why I had to buy a Jackery external battery.  When social media is a part of your job, you need to have enough battery.

Or, Apple could just make batteries that could actually handle their supposedly powerful operating system.  But where’s the fun in that?

Anyways, for many, this is great news.  No one likes a slow phone, especially in an emergency.  So good on Apple for righting their wrongs.

But, the damage may have already been done.  Many saw Apple’s admission to slowing down their customers’ phones as a blatant overstep of power.   Some called it downright evil.  Many angry customers admitted they felt forced to upgrade to a new phone when they liked their old one just fine.

A newer model, which I may add, had maybe a few cool new features.  But not many to warrant an upgrade by a long shot.

And this is why this video exists:

I mean, I had to buy an iPhone 6 when my 4s suddenly pooped the bed.  Man, I miss that phone.  That was a good phone.  Maybe because that was the last iPhone Steve Jobs made.

Just saying.

And when I upgraded to the 6, only the size difference threw me off.  Nothing really dazzled me and made me thing “OMG this is the best phone ever this is so original.”  Also, my battery died just a little bit faster.

So, like me, many plan to switch to the Galaxy, LG, Android, Motorola, or Pixel when it’s time for that coveted upgrade.

And Apple should be scared. VERY scared.

Apple used to be the leader of innovation.  It pioneered smartphones and continually improved smartphone technology.  What happened?

Oh, right, Steve Jobs died… right.

Still, instead of following Jobs’ example, the company rested on its laurels and became complacent.  It figured it built a large enough empire of devoted consumers they didn’t need to be innovative.  They just needed to pump out a newer and more expensive phone year after year because the people still believed it was the most advanced phone out there.

Naturally, after so many years of the same rinse and repeat, the people caught on.

And, by then, Samsung caught up and surpassed Apple.  Now people turn to Samsung as a leader in what’s next for smartphones, which they capture beautifully in this commercial:

Yes, Apple, as you admitted in December, you did let us down.  You also may have permanently damaged the empire that Steve Jobs worked so hard to build.

You became complacent, sloppy, and lazy while demanding premium prices for your product because you’re used to not having any real competition.  Well, it’s 2018 and you still refuse to wake up.

And the competition left you in the dust.

People literally watched the classic fable of the Tortoise and the Hare play out in real life.  But with iPhones.

Sure, I stayed with the iPhone crowd because I loved my iTunes and used my phone as an MP3 player.  Maybe that’s why you phased out your iPods.  If someone, like me, owns over 2,000 songs on iTunes, it makes you doubt jumping ship.

Actually, that remained the ONLY reason why I upgraded to another iPhone (6s, if you must know because there’s no way I wanted to lose my headphone jack.)

But, now, I’m fed up with a company that charges exorbitant prices for a mediocre product.  It’s like buying a Yugo for the price of a Bentley.

And now I finally have a reason to use this amazing GIF.


So, unless Apple comes out with a cutting-edge iPhone for an affordable price, my next phone will definitely be something else.

Then again, as Kelly Clarkson said, I’m Already Gone.  I don’t think it matters what Apple does next.  The people definitely made up their minds by now.  They had years to do it.

So, what kind of smartphone do you have?  If it’s an iPhone, why do you still have one?  In your opinion, what’s the best smartphone out there right now?


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