UPDATE as of 8am Tuesday: Hurricane Irma strengthened to a Category 5 hurricane with gusts reaching upwards of 175mph.

If you thought Harvey was bad, wait until you meet his sister.  Irma’s currently spinning a death spiral over the Atlantic and already hit Category 3 status.  The only question: is she going to hit us?

Currently, no one knows the answer.  But, we’ll learn more sometime next week as she creeps closer to land.  As of now, she’s a little too far away to tell.

CT Post reports that meteorologists say Irma can go one of three ways.  And, as you probably guessed, one way happens to be on a collision course with the United States.   Meaning, she does have a small potential to climb up the east coast.  And, considering the damage Harvey wrecked up Texas, everyone’s on edge about this hurricane season.

Phil Klotzbach, a meteorologist at Colorado State University, explained why we should pay attention to Irma:

“It’s way too early to say for sure if Irma is going to have any impacts on the United States, but anytime the forecast models are predicting a potentially strong hurricane headed northwest across the tropical Atlantic, I’d pay attention.”

Also, Irma could reach category 5 before landfall.    As of now, her winds reached 115mph.  Meteorologists say she could potentially be the strongest hurricane of the year since she’s still far out to sea.

The strongest predicting model says she’ll hit the Gulf of Mexico, just like Harvey.  Considering the nation’s gas prices jumped 25 cents due to damaged refineries and pipeline shut downs, one can only imagine how Irma might affect our gas economy.

Either way, as many forecasters predicted, we’re in for a very active hurricane season.  Four storms already formed this year, a good 20 days early.  Normally, we see a 4th storm form sometime around the 21st.

Considering the season peaks around the 10th, who knows what else we could be in store for.   Considering we just started the peak month, the potential for even more strong hurricanes is still there.

Either way, keep your eyes on Irma.  Hope she doesn’t come near us or the Gulf of Mexico.

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