The recent snowstorms have been a bit of a problem here in Connecticut. Traffic has been terrible, people have forgotten how to drive, and we’ve had to shovel our driveways time after time after time. It’s not fun.

But even while we’re rolling at 20 miles per hour down every highway in the state, we can take some solace in the fact that the state really does need the snow.

As you’re probably aware, Connecticut has been struggling with drought conditions for what feels like years. Every few months, we’re reminded that “Hey, we really haven’t been getting enough water, so if you could not leave your faucets running while you’re at work, that’d be great.” It’s a fair request, but some habits are just really hard to break.

Well, the good news is that all this snow is (kind of, a little bit, barely) solving that problem!

According to WTNH, the whole state of Connecticut remains in a moderate drought, but 3% of the state moved out of extreme drought and 2% of the state moved out of severe drought. Yay!

That might not sound like a lot, and that’s probably because it isn’t a lot. But it is movement in the right direction. The forecast said that January got above average precipitation and that February looks like it will be above-average, as well.

While that’s going to mean a few more long commutes and a lot more shoveling, if it means we can brush our teeth without feeling guilty, it’s probably worth it.

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