Thanksgiving weekend is a crazy time for commerce. Not only do we buy enough food to feed 8 families, but then we try and burn off all the calories by hitting the local big box store and banging out all your holiday gift shopping in a single shot.

It’s crazy, but it’s less crazy than what some local possible criminals considered “shopping” over the weekend. NBC Connecticut reported than on Saturday, four suspects allegedly broke into 25 separate cars in Clinton, stealing things like credit cards, a semi-automatic handgun, and even taking 3 of the cars themselves.

This is unquestionably a terrible thing. Despite all the money people spend around this time of year, not everyone can afford it, and some of these cars may have belonged to people who were just getting by and had to scrimp and save to make the holidays count. If it turns out these four suspects actually did the crime, there should be an extra punishment for putting a damper on the holidays.

But so much crazy criminal activity in such a short span of time makes me wonder if there’s a secret, criminal Black Friday that we don’t know about. Did all the criminals get together and decide that if the rest of us go out and buy nice, new things on Friday, they would break in and steal them on Saturday? When you think about it, that kind of makes sense. It doesn’t make it right, but at least it’s a pretty well-thought-out plan.

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