Townshend, Vermont probably only sounds familiar to you if you happen to be a skier that has to drive through the rural mountain town on occasion.  Located near Stratton Mountain, the town sees very little action.  So when Chevy Chase filmed the movie “Funny Farm” there in 1988, it was very exciting.  The comedy “Funny Farm” is about a man that moves from the big city to rural Vermont to write a novel.  The main character, Andy Farmer, deals with the (hilarious) struggles of adjusting to small town living.  The creators of the movie built an actual gazebo in the town center for the movie.  The town loved the gazebo so much that it decided to keep it after the filming was complete.  The centrally located gazebo became a proud fixture for the town.


That all changed a few weeks ago.  David Page III, 71, of Groton, Connecticut, drove his 2008 BMW sedan off the road, traveled 158 feet (!) and smashed directly into the gazebo.  Local enforcement officers claim his blood alcohol level was .181 which is more than twice the state’s legal limit.

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The crazy part about this story is that if you’ve ever seen the gazebo, it’s set in the middle of a very large green.  The chances that he would lose control, travel that far, and hit the gazebo head on is quite incredible.  Perhaps it was terrible luck, or maybe he just really hates Chevy Chase movies.


Either way, the town has already sought insurance claims to repair their little movie treasure… and David Page III becomes one of the most hated men in Townshend, Vermont.


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