I really don’t like giving animals a bad rap. Most of them are harmless. Even when they attack, it’s usually because they are sick or because we provoked them. And honestly, humans are probably more dangerous to the Earth’s collective well-being than any animal ever was.

But holy crap would you look at this video:

I know this alligator doesn’t mean anyone harm. If it did, this video would have had a very different ending. And the reality is that it probably just took a wrong turn and ended up in the sewer instead of back in his lake. But there is still a freaking alligator lurking right there in the storm drain.

And as likely as it is that this gator is harmless, the fact that you’d never know it was there until it stuck its snout out and grabbed your ankle is terrifying. It’s like Stephen King’s IT, the animal edition.

So while I love animals as much as the next guy, you’ll have to excuse me if I freak out a little bit over this video. I prefer my animals in their natural habitats, not secretly lurking just below my feet. I mean, how did this guy even see the gator was down there? Was he casually checking his storm drains and happened upon some glowing eyes?

I think the main take away here is that, whatever you do in life, stay the heck away from Florida.

(via Reddit)

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