Singing the National Anthem at a major sporting event is daunting for an adult, imagine for a child?  Not this kid.

11-year-old Ethan Walmark amazed me years ago when I first saw him perform.  On the Autism Spectrum, Ethan truly found his calling in music.  Gifted seems like the right word to use when describing the way he transforms when his keyboard is put in front of him.  He first went viral with over 1.7 million views when this video of Ethan at six-years-old hit YouTube…


Now you can find Ethan rocking out regularly with his classmates at Fairfield’s School of Rock.  But this past week he once again proved the star he is by performing the National Anthem for the NY Red Bulls as part of their Autism Awareness Night.  According to his mom, he wasn’t even nervous.  Of course he wasn’t.  He’s a star.

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