The holidays are pure chaos and we all know that.  Our hours shift around, commutes spiral into madness, money flies faster out of your wallet because of gift lists and charities…  At least Amazon wants to help with one of those issues.

Stamford Advocate reports that the retailing giant aims to hire over 120k people nationwide, including a hefty amount right here in CT!

The beauty of these positions is that you don’t have to deal with red faced customers demanding a discount.  Nope.  Instead, you have the easy and luxurious task of taking items and putting them in a box.  I know it doesno’t sound exactly exciting, but it’s preferable to retail.  Well, in my experience.

I still have nightmares about folding a mountain of clothes for a new display only to have one customer wreck it within two seconds.  Because they felt that the shirts on the bottom were somehow better.  Spoiler alert: there’s no such thing as better shirts on the bottom.  You’re just a [redacted.]

On top of shipping and packaging employees, Amazon also seeks to hire several full time positions in CT.  They do have warehouses in Wallingford and Windsor.  However, their latest location in North Haven will open very soon and they need to staff it.  With approximately 1,800 people.

Not to mention, several CT cities want Amazon to open up their second headquarters in the state.  So it’s immensely possible that among the 120k of new hires, 50k is for their new headquarters.  I’m not that great at math, but even I can make out this equation.

Chances that Amazon wants to open up its 2nd headquarters here, though?  Yeah, slim to none.  However, if they do open up a little something in NYC, CT people will still be able to apply since we have that lovely Metro North commuting system…

Either way, if you need the extra cash for the holidays, Amazon wants to help you out.  And, on top of it, you score a relatively mindless job far removed from entitled customers.   Honestly, that’s the best part of the entire gig.

Plus, Amazon happens to be one of the best companies to work for, too.

So, if you need the extra cash and have time to take on that 4th part time job in hopes one becomes full time, click HERE.


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