If you liked paying $100 for your Amazon Prime subscription, I hate to be the bearer of bad news.  You’ll have to pay more for your service because they raised the price by 20 percent.

Westport News reports the price increase will roll out in two waves.  New subscribers will start paying more after today while the rest of us will see the price jump on June 16th.  So, say goodbye to your yearly $99 price and say hello to paying $119 a year.

Will this make you want to sign off from their service?  Probably not considering how Amazon Prime makes your life so much simpler.  On top of that, who doesn’t love free 2-day shipping?

That feature does save lives around the holidays and birthdays.

Also, on top of that, Amazon Prime doubles as a streaming service like Netflix.  So, you still get more bang for your buck.  You pay $10 a month for free delivery AND tv shows/movies.

While their collection doesn’t surpass Netflix’s, that might change in the future given CEO Jeff Bezos’ hatred of coming in 2nd.  Heck, this guy says he reads every email customers send him so you know he reads plenty of comments why Netflix is, currently, better.

But, new to Amazon Prime is Prime Reading.  It allows you to “borrow” digital copies of novels and magazines, as well as sample Audible Channels.

Not to mention the ultra-popular Amazon Echo which syncs directly to your account.  So, if you’re busy washing dishes and realize that you’re about to run out of soap, you just ask Alexa to order more for you.

Sure, you pay to wiretap your house, but Alexa is pretty handy.

Speaking of Alexa, an Amazon Prime account also allows you to stream a decent amount of music, as well.

That said, it’s no secret Amazon worked hard to build brand loyalty over the years.    It all has to do with their customer service, which ranks among the best in the nation.

Also, Amazon Prime was $99 for several years so it was due for a price change.  Given everything that comes with a subscription, I say the 20 percent boost is somewhat reasonable.

You made a mistake about the address? Boom, fixed.  Unlike Ulta that goes “too bad so sad” if you make a small mistake… actually, they’ll recommend you break the law by trespassing on the person’s property to get your package.  True story.

Anyways, just a heads up for those not expecting the extra charge on their account today or in a month.  Will it make you want to cancel your subscription or does this intrigue you on what Amazon will use the money to bring about next?

Yeah, Amazon is taking over the world and we’re letting it.   There’s worse evils in the world, right?

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