Hey, boss people, if you want to give your employees a morale boost… let them bring their dogs to work!  Science says that’s the #1 thing that improves happiness in the workplace.  Hence why more and more businesses  are dog-friendly.

Republican American reports that dogs in the workplace improves people’s moods and also their productivity.  Pretty neat, right?

Ashley Brown, a practice manager at an Animal Hospital in South Carolina reasons:

“I think for a lot of people pets exert a major calming influence on them. For our pet parents, they’re not just animals, they are their babies.”

That’s why Amazon began allowing their employees to bring their well-behaved furbabies to work!   So, if you want to find dog heaven, head to their Seattle headquarters.  Over 6,000 walk around their halls on the daily.

The campus even has two dog parks, along with designated relief areas, and plenty of free treats!

However, workers have to jump through a few hoops to bring their dogs to work.  For example: their pets need to be UTD on their vaccinations and have an easygoing temperament.  Also, the dogs need to be people AND dog-friendly.

So, that Shiba Inu I saw at Pet Valu on Sunday that growled and snapped at every person and dog that walked by… yeah, he’d have to stay home.

But, once the dog passes all those requirements and earns a blessing from the manager, they’re good to go!  Which means every boofer you see at Amazon is 100% down for a a good head scratch.

So the energy there must be astounding.

Funnily enough, some of the nation’s most pet-friendly businesses are also among the best places to work.  For example: Google and Genentech.  (#1 and #7 on Forbes’ rankings, respectively.)

On top of that, because the dogs are so important to these companies, they also offer pet health insurance and bereavement should the pet pass away.

10 years ago, we would have scoffed at this and called these companies soft.  Now, we read this and go “huh, sounds nice.”

The trend of bringing dogs to work began gaining traction last year.  However, tech companies really jumped on board the dog train, hence Google, Genentech, and even Salesforce!

Also, experts say when companies care about their workers’ pets, it creates a very positive image for them.  PR experts call it a great move for companies that want to be known for caring about their employees.

A 2016 study from Banfield Pet Hospital found that dogs in the workplace reduce stress and improved sense of well-being.  The study also found 83 percent of employees feel a greater sense of loyalty if their employer has pet-friendly policies in place.

That number jumps to 89 percent when asked about improved morale.

Not only that, when you walk into a business and a dog greets you, you can’t help but smile.  Business owners found that bringing their dogs in really resonates with customers.

Small businesses, such as Crazy Combs Salon, say bringing pets to work ATTRACTS customers:

“I think there is something very therapeutic about petting dogs and receiving unconditional love from them,” says salon owner Traci Lorraine Farmer.

I felt that unconditional love when I met Lucy, the bull dog, at the Chester Package Store.  The owner placed her bed right by the front door, and Lucy greets every customer who walks in.  Obviously, she’s a big hit with everyone because of how calm she is.


However, not everyone loves dogs.  Beyond that, business owners do fear what would happen if their mascot bit someone.

So, if a customer exhibits a fear of dogs, workers bring the dog to another room.  However, Doug Diesing, owner of Seaboard Wine & Tasting Bar, added:

“If a customer is a little skittish about a dog, we can bring it to the back room. It’s a very rare occurrence. We have more of a problem with unruly children than dogs.”


That said, how do you feel about dogs in the workplace?  Do you think improve mood and morale as much as workers claim?  Would you want to work for a pet-friendly business?

I know if I worked for one, I’d bring my collie Harvey in almost every day.   I mean… LOOK AT HIM!

I know, he’s adorable.

Would your dog fit in with your job?  How do you think bringing your pet to work would affect your job performance?


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