You might’ve heard that last week resulted in two separate lockdowns at the White House. Both for entirely crazy reasons.

Last Saturday, a person threw an apple core over the gate, which resulted in probably one of the weirdest lockdowns in history. An apple core! Then the White House was locked down again on Thanksgiving Day after a CT resident climbed the gate dressed in an America flag in an apparent suicide attempt.

Stamford’s Joseph Caputo was arrested about two seconds after getting over the gate to the North Lawn with his American flag, a USB flash drive in the form of a Captain America shield, a pocket guide to the Constitution and weightlifting gloves. He was also carrying a binder in his mouth. He currently attends University of Bridgeport and majors in criminal justice and martial arts, which who knew martial arts was a legitimate major.

He was staying with friends in the DC area who found two notes – one a suicide note, the other for Secret Service to prove they were never part of his plan. While in custody, Caputo said, “I love my country” and “I knew I would be locked up.”

He was taken to the Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program and Secret Service said he was committing civil disobedience and had no plans to harm himself or others when he jumped the fence. His hearing is today in Washington.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

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