If you ever dreamed about racing around an official American Ninja Warrior course, now’s your chance.  Because one Connecticut trampoline park now offers two courses for you to choose from.

Let’s be real.  We’re not ripped or shredded.  Some of our six packs haven’t left the fridge yet.

Anyways, Fairfield Daily Voice reports that Sky Zone Bethel opens up their brand new attraction on July 15th.  On top of that, you’ll get to meet an official warrior who competed on the show during the official ribbon cutting.

Sky Zone Bethel bills itself as the ultimate trampoline and recreation park where you can live out your parkour fantasies.  Also, it’s only one of 20 locations to offer such activities.

So, if you wanna see what it’s like to punish your muscles for glory, you know where to be next Saturday.  The grand opening starts at 11am and runs until 2pm.  Yes, it’s open to the public.  It’s a course just for you, your mom, and anyone else who wants to scream “parkour” just for the heck of it.

Or, you can be like me who just falls out of bed in the morning. So, I’m definitely going to give this course a try.  You know.  For the laughs.

Plus, if you want to meet an official American Ninja Warriors contestant, now’s your chance.  Because Joe “The Weatherman” Moravsky will be the one to do the honors at the official ribbon cutting ceremony.  He’ll also be signing autographs and posing for photos.

If you need a refresher on who this Moravsky guy is:


He’s also on News 12 and resides in Monroe.  So, you can’t get anymore local than that guy.  Plus, he made squire’s Team Ninja Warrior, which is, apparently, a major accomplishment.

Where my American Ninja Warrior fans?  Because you need to be at Sky Zone Bethel to live out your dreams, meet a legend, and maybe get hooked up with a free t-shirt.

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