Fans of American Pickers, I bring good news!  Your favorite TV show will film right here in CT this summer.  So, if you know someone with an extensive antique collection, you better tell them

Aspetuck News reports that Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and friends will film a series of episodes in the state.  However, they don’t have any filming locations planned out yet.

They encourage residents with large “junk” piles or antique collections to contact them.  They also recommend residents to freely give them “tips” on possible locations.  That means if you know of any “sizeable, unique collections,” you need to contact them straight away.

American Pickers follows Wolfe and Fritz as they visit properties around America in search for valuable antiques.  The two then try to make a profit off of their exploits.  However, certain objects tend to draw their attention more than others.

For example: they love vintage signs such as for Mobil Gas or Coca Cola.  So, whenever they visit a collection, they tend to keep an eye out for those objects.

They also have a soft spot for vintage toys, but they must be in “sellable” condition.  Which means that, even though you have a super rare Barbie, if your child gave her a haircut, they won’t want her.

In addition, old cars, car parts, and motorcycles are a hit with them, too.

Beyond picking, the two also find out the stories behind several objects.  It is a show on the History Channel after all, so it needs to have some sort of educational purpose.

They don’t just uncover the history of the objects they pick, they also find out the stories behind the collections.  Wolfe and Fritz are always fascinated by stories about why a person decided to collect mountains of antiques.

Then again, it also could be a ploy to bond with the owner to strike a better bargain. Like I said, they do sell pretty much everything they pick.  However, once in awhile they do like to keep an object here and there for themselves.

Either way, if you know someone with a scrap or junk yard, or even someone who accumulated a ton of antiques, let the American Pickers know.

It scores them extra cash and fame… and also clears up some more space for these people to fill up again with more prizes.

To bring them to your area, contact the American Pickers at or call 855-OLD-RUST.  Just be sure to send a description of the collection and include photos.  Plus, leave them your name, contact info, and location, too.

So, do you have a collection worthy of the History Channel?  Are you a fan of the show?

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