The whole process of flying these days can be a giant pain in the ass. From the crowded airports, to security lines, to crammed tiny coach seats. It’s an uncomfortable horrid experience most of the time. Which is why most people act like they’ve won a Powerball jackpot when they realize they have a row to themselves on the plane. I know I do. It changes my entire mood for the rest of the trip actually.

Now imagine having the ENTIRE plane to yourself! It’s like being alone in a movie theatre but a thousand times more awesome.

That’s exactly what happened to a man named Chris O’Leary on Monday when he found himself as the lone passenger on his delayed Delta flight from Cleveland to New York.

Of course he live-tweeted the whole thing for our enjoyment.

Chris, you lucky bastard.

And then…


I guess all good things have to come to an end. Though, I would still take a flight with ONE other person any day of the week.

Then his mom chimed in with the quote of the week…

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