There may not be a lot of sports being played right now, but Matt, Andrew, and Phil found no shortage of things to talk about.

First the guys dive right into Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game and the controversy surrounding Derek Jeter and Adam Wainwright’s comments. But does it really matter?

The Bridgeport Bluefish have signed a former Major Leaguer, and he makes his debut at the Ballpark at Harboryard tomorrow night!

Basketball isn’t even being played right now, but NBA free agency is dominating the headlines right now with all of the signings going on. Who’s going where and who’s staying put? Plus, after being traded to the Miami Heat, former UConn star Shabazz Napier thought he’d be playing with Lebron James (sad trombone). So what did Shabazz do in response to Lebron bolting for Cleveland?

All that and more in this week’s Sportsboom podcast!

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