In April of last year, a swarm of bed bugs invaded New Haven’s high schools and eventually spread to Yale’s dormitories. It was a mess.

In the time since, bed bug hysteria has been relatively quiet. There haven’t been any outbreaks. For the most part, we’ve been safe.

But according to a report from Greenwich Patch, beneath the surface of that calm, safe feeling is a chaotic reality teeming with bed bugs. Citing a study from extermination company Orkin, Patch reported that the Hartford and New Haven Metro Areas are 31st on the list of places with worst bed bug infestations (up 3 spots from last year).

If memory serves correctly, bed bugs were really a problem in 2015. It seemed like they were everywhere. In the years since, we’ve moved onto other creepy and disgusting phenomena. But apparently we need to ask ourselves whether we ever actually solved the bed bugs thing.

I’ve been lucky enough to avoid them. Through all my years in college dorms and shared houses, I’ve never had a problem with bed bugs. Mice? Sure. But bed bugs? Not even once.

Which is why I’m calling on all of Connecticut to get their act together. If you have bed bugs, have that problem “taken care of” in the most extreme terms. If an exterminator doesn’t work, don’t rule out just setting the place on fire. I know I’ve considered that when I found an especially big spider creeping through my bedroom.

The point is, I’m old enough now that I can’t be getting bed bugs. It just wouldn’t look good. So if I’m going to keep living in Connecticut, it’s major metro areas can’t be known as infestation sites. Call an exterminator and wash your sheets. Spare the rest of us the embarrassment of wondering what every itch and scratch is while we’re lying in bed.

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