Dear Subway,

You’ve had a very difficult 2015, I understand. But it’s your 50th anniversary, and Connecticut and the rest of the United States of America should be making a bigger deal of it.

Your founder and leader for the past 50 years passed away last week. And you went through the nightmare of the evil associated with your previous celebrity spokesperson. But this letter is not to give you a hard time, because it’s all too easy for the Internet to kick someone when they’re down.

You are a Connecticut institution, Subway. Your first location was Bridgeport. You employ hundreds in Milford. And you make delicious sandwiches. Subway, you are important to us all. (This great video detailing the Connecticut history of Subway deserves more than the less than 7,000 YouTube views it currently has at the time of this posting.)

So, I’ve come up with a very simple way to start to win customers back, and get some positive buzz back in your favor. You don’t need a new celebrity spokesperson (in fact…never have another). And you don’t need crazy offers or toppings or new sandwiches. Subway, you simply need to go back to the basics…

Bring Back the Sub Club.

The stamps, the cards, the retro logo – bring back all of it, even if it’s for two months. Everything that made you great at the end of the 20th century when you surpassed McDonald’s to become the largest restaurant franchise in the entire world!

I know that those who were dishonest made counterfeit stamps and were selling them on the black market (this is true) – and you introduced the plastic card, but it’s not the same (nor does it serve the same purpose). Someone smarter than me should be able to come up with a new way of doing it. Because it was the greatest – every six-inch sub purchased gave you a stamp. Fill up the card (and all it took was 8!) for a free sub. Genius.

But this was what set you apart from everyone else. Local delis couldn’t do it. Blimpie certainly couldn’t do it.

Only Subway did it. And only Subway could do it.

Please, bring it back.

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