No, really.

For all of the deliciousness that can be found in this state, ESPECIALLY when it comes to all things pizza, Connecticut doesn’t actually have an official food or snack on record, and that is complete and utter nonsense.

I found out this jarring information after reading that New York lawmakers  apparently with too much time on their hands) recently had a heated debate about what their state snack food should be, before ultimately deciding on…


That combination of both fermented milk and bacteria, that’s also fooled millions of American women into thinking that it’s healthy for you, is the official state snack of New York.

Yes, the same New York where you can find some of the world’s finest bagels, smoked salmon, cheesecake, pizza, dumplings, pierogis-should I keep going?-has named YOGURT as their official snack.

This is outrageous, egregious, preposterous.

But this isn’t the time or place to debate what New York should do; this is about Connecticut.

As I mentioned, after I read about this yogurt news, I instantly went to Google to find out what our official state snack or food was, and was shocked to find this:


What? How is this possible?!

Obviously, as you can see, we’re not alone here in CT in not having an official snack food, but this needs to change, people.

Personally, I say it needs to be pizza, considering that we’ve got some of-if not THE best-in the nation.

But what do you guys think?

Leave your recommendations for the “State snack of Connecticut” below, come to a verdict, and start harassing our lawmakers into making it official.

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