Summer is arguably the best season in Connecticut. The winter weather is far enough behind us and far enough ahead of us that we have some peace of mind. It’s mostly sunny and warm. And, if the humidity can hold off, you can’t really complain about anything weather-related.

But summer in Connecticut just took a major hit with the permanent closing of the CoCo Key Water Resort in Waterbury. After eight years of slipping and sliding fun, the resort closed forever on Sunday, according to NBC Connecticut.

This is a bummer on so many levels. It will reportedly cost about 300 people their jobs. It will mean the loss of a big business for the city of Waterbury. And, most of all, it means all of our best water parks are now strictly outdoors. Can you say, “Hello sunburn”?

Now, if I’m being honest, I should say that there is a silver lining here. Apparently, the resort is going to be torn down and replaced with a Restaurant Depot. And, since I recently moved to a town just south of Waterbury and I know people who own businesses, I may soon be able to buy massive amounts of steak and other restaurant delicacies at slightly discounted prices.

So yes, the dreams and wishes of children across the state may be dashed and their parents may now be stuck finding new ways to entertain their kids during the summer months, but hey, at least some of us will get a nice steak dinner out of it.

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