With former WWE President and CEO Linda McMahon heading to D.C., Stamford might be providing yet another cabinet member for President-elect Donald Trump.

CT Post reports baseball legend Bobby Valentine is being heavily considered to become America’s next ambassador to Japan.

Although his qualification are unconventional, Valentine is very popular in Japan.  He successfully managed Japan’s professional baseball league and led the Chiba Lotte Marines to a series victory.  He is also the first American-born manager to win a series.

In addition, he remains on excellent terms with current Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.   His relationship with the PM is credited for getting Japan to prioritize bringing back baseball for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Valentine offers experience beyond baseball.  In 2011, he served as Stamford’s director of public safety, health and welfare.  Currently, he is the athletic director of Sacred Heart University.

Because of that, many argue Valentine is qualified for the job.

Former Stamford mayor Michael Pavia is delighted by Valentine’s possible appointment.  He told the Post, “Bobby has not only the intelligence for representing the United States, he also has the persona.”

But not everyone is pleased with the news.  Stamford’s Democratic City Committee Chairman, Josh Fideli, cautioned, “The ambassadorship to Japan is not a ceremonial position. […] With the increase in turmoil in that region, this is an important job. So when you think about it in those terms, I’m not sure Bobby is the first choice. He’s an interesting choice and he’s popular in Japan, but I would wonder what the rest of that short list looks like.”

Regardless, both Democrats and Republicans agree that Valentine’s appointment would do wonders for Stamford’s economy.

Jack Condlin, president of the Stamford Chamber of Commerce, said that, “having someone from Stamford appointed to any position only bodes well for the city.”

Still, do you think Bobby Valentine the right man for the job?

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