What is it about Connecticut inmates that has them believe that they have the same rights as everyone else?  It infuriates me.  If you’re doing time, it’s because you did something wrong- and NO you don’t get to do whatever you want anymore.  You’ve lost that privilege. You may remember recently that disgusting pig, Steven Hayes (he’s the one who was behind the Cheshire murders) was threatening to sue the state because the jail’s kitchen wasn’t kosher, but this story may be even more extreme.   There is a man serving jail time that is mad that he cannot practice his religion: Nations of Gods and Earth.  A religious organization that promotes black empowerment and teaching that men of color are Gods.

Hm… I wonder why a correctional institution would not want their inmates on death row preaching that they are Gods to all their other jail mates.

Kevin Harris is a convicted killer serving a life sentence for a murder dating back to 1993 in Bristol.  He has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against Connecticut.

Right, because he should believe and preach that he is a God.

Officials have said that this religion is like a gang and is a disruptive group.  If you spend some time Googling this religion (also known at the Five Percenters), criticism states that they are taught to think they are superior to whites both intellectually and physically.

Does the terrible KKK have a right to practice their religious beliefs openly in jail? Of course not, so why would this group?

Connecticut has the right to ban a religion if it posts a threat, and does anyone actually believe this doesn’t post a threat?

Source: Hartford Courant

Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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