Two Newington elementary schools have decided to join other town schools and ban the celebration of Halloween. The reasoning? Students have cited that it’s against their religious beliefs.

Usually it is some people of the Orthodox Jewish faith, Jehovah Witnesses, and some Fundamental Christians that oppose the celebration.

To the complainers I say: Stop it.  Seriously, stop it.  If you don’t want your child to partake in the fun activities because you are so against what the day “stands for” then just don’t have them dress up or participate.  Or better yet, send them to a religious school for other believers of your faith.  Growing up in the catholic schools, I was always sad when my public school friends would have holidays like Yom Kippur off and I didn’t. I couldn’t complain though.  Want to know why?  Because I went to a CATHOLIC school.  So if you don’t want your child to have some fun in a nationwide tradition, send them to a specialized school that shares your thoughts.  It’s baffling that we can ban prayer in public schools, but get rid of a fun recreational holiday because of religion.

It continues to amaze me that officials will ruin the fun for everyone because of a few people.  Teach the kid early on that your beliefs are different from others.  Make it a learning experience.  In this particular situation in Newington, there’s not an abundance of people that oppose it.  They are far outnumbered and yet it’s the parents saying “Not fair!” that are being silenced.  The schools have even gone as far as to threaten sending children in costumes to the office to be sent home on Halloween.  Want to ban inappropriate sexy costumes? Sure.  Say no way to weapons as part of the get-up? Yep, I get that too.  But to say “no” to a day where little girls dress up like princesses and young boys dress up like firefighters? Come on.  Stop it.






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