Yes, and it’s someone way bigger than Batman.

Anyways, you gotta love super fans because they find the most awesome tiny details.  For example: Simpsons fans.

Lately they have been on a roll pointing out everything the show has eerily predicted like some animated Nostradamus. But, today, they found an even better gem.

So, someone binged through the entirety of the 18th season (which aired back in 2007) and found a spectacular nugget of information.

Homer Simpson… is from Connecticut.

Yep, you read correctly.  Television’s most famous dad is a Nutmegger.

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So, the episode is “Revenge is a Dish Best Served Three Times” and starts off with Homer lusting for vengeance after the Rich Texan cuts him off.

Marge, Lisa, and Bart tell Homer a series of cautionary tales about revenge.  And how it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Eventually, they do get through to Homer and he buries the hatchet with the Rich Texan because they’re both from Connecticut.   That’s it.

Obviously, the Rich Texan is a parody of George W. Bush so that makes sense.  But, Homer’s Connecticut connection seemed out of left field.  Did anyone suspect even for a second that Homer wasn’t born and raised in Springfield?  Did he ever exhibit any stereotypical Connecticut behavior?

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Ah, there we go.  Obviously something he learned from our politicians.

Now the real question is: would Homer Simpson vote for Dannel Malloy?  I mean, he did vote for Sideshow Bob

Or, would he take matters into his own hands?

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Fun fact to think about.

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