We’re only a few months in and it’s already been a rough year for Connecticut businesses. Just a couple weeks ago, we learned that Bob’s Stores are in rough waters and, while the Connecticut locations will stick around a bit longer, the writing is on the wall for them.

Now, with those wounds still fresh, we get the news that our favorite local sporting goods store is saying goodbye forever. That’s according to a WFSB report that claims Sports Authority will shut down all of its stores across the country, including 6 in Connecticut.

I’m not sure what Sports Authority means to everyone else, but I know what it means to me.

As a kid, it was the place I got my first baseball glove. It was the place where my family bought my childhood basketball hoop. It was the place where I could ignore my genetic deficiencies and dream of becoming a professional athlete.

As I grew older, it became the place where I could get new shoes at a reasonable price. It became the place I could get comfortable sweatpants for lounging around my house. And it was a place where I could pretty reliably find items with the wrong prices attached, earning myself an unusually cheap basketball or tennis racquet.

Now that I think about it, that last thing may have been the problem all along. Those $20 New Balance shoes weren’t on “super sale,” they were mislabeled, and they weren’t the only things like that in the store. Sports Authority’s billion dollars in debt kind of makes sense now.

But it’s too late for all that now – too late for Sports Authority to hit me up for the other $30 I should have paid for those shoes and too late for anyone to take advantage of their poorly organized merchandise. It is time for our sweet, dysfunctional sporting goods store to sail off into the night. Goodnight, sweet prince. Your “bargains” will be sorely missed.

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