Barely five days after a powerful Nor’Easter caused power outages all over the state, another one will dump tons of snow on us.   So, dust off your shovels, Connecticut.  This one’s gonna suck because this one’s forecasted to be the absolute worst of the season!

Darien Daily Voice reports that, so far, the Nor’Easter will bring between 8 to 14 inches of snow.  Maybe more.  However, that amount could potentially change based on the storm’s track.

But, as of now, it looks like we’re in trouble.

As of right now, the National Weather Service predicts 10 to 13 inches for the Fairfield County Area.  But, meteorologist David Stark, says snow total predictions will change:

“A storm track closer to the coast could bring more rain, especially for locations near the coast, but higher snowfall amounts for the interior.”

More rain than snow does sound like a dream.

However, WFSB says snow is way more likely.  They already named the storm “Winter Storm Elsa” to prove how serious they are.  WFSB typically names winter storms that have the potential to leave a good amount of snow.

They predict 8 to 18 inches of the white stuff on Wednesday for western CT.  Some northerly areas in the Litchfield Hills could see even see upwards of two feet!  As for eastern CT, they expect for you to see between 4 to 8 inches.

On top of that, meteorologist Mark Dixon, shared some bad news about how fast the snow will fall:

“The evening commute will be greatly impacted with snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour.”

However, even WFSB’s models struggle with determining the line between snow and rain.  Since the storm is still 2 days out, lots could change.  But, for now, just know that Wednesday’s snow won’t be the light and fluffy stuff that’s easy to shovel.

On top of that, parts of the state still don’t have power following Friday’s severe winds.  So, Wednesday will be a total doozy no matter what we get.

On the bright side: unlike last week’s storm, the winds will be weaker, with gusts only expected to reach up to 40mph.  But, the risk for flooding remains since water levels haven’t gone down since Friday’s Nor’Easter.

The next storm arrives midday Wednesday and will last through the early or midday Thursday hours.  The state will fall under a Winter Storm Warning 10pm Tuesday through 4am Thursday.

And, if you can believe it, yet another storm system might make its way into the state next Monday.  We’ll keep you posted.  For right now, we want to focus on one disaster at a time.

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