By now we’re all pretty familiar with Connecticut’s fall TV hit, American Housewife. The show has captured a national audience with its quirky family and critical look at the supposedly “hoighty-toighty” lifestyle of Westport moms.

But soon enough, Westport won’t be the only town being pushed onto screens across the country. According to the CT Post, Amazon has a new show that will take place partly in Bridgeport and Trumbull.

The show is called Sneaky Pete and stars Giovanni Ribisi, who you should recognize from Saving Private Ryan or several cameos in Friends. Ribisi plays a con man who just got out of jail, is running and hiding from the gangsters looking to get him, and assumes the identity of his cell mate in order to lay low.

Check out the trailer:

Now, something tells me Connecticut is going to have a lot less to do with Sneaky Pete than it did with American Housewife. The latter took a town’s identity, blew it up to comedic proportions, and poked fun at it for all to enjoy. The former just seems to use Connecticut as a conveniently New-York-City-adjacent location for the generic word-gets-around-in-small-towns plot device.

But that doesn’t mean this show will be any less entertaining. For one, Amazon has a solid track record of producing critically acclaimed shows. In 2016, it nabbed 16 Emmy nominations and 2 Emmy wins. Plus, this show has Bryan Cranston in a guest starring role as the head gangster Ribisi is running from. After Breaking Bad, that alone is enough for me to give it a shot.

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