You know, after slamming Connecticut as literally the worst place in America for summer travel, the considerate and decent thing for researchers to do would be to lay off for a while. Let us accept the hard truth and spend a couple weeks licking our wounds.


It took about 5 days for the next CT Slam to come raining down. This time, the state’s value as a place to retire fell victim. ranked 172 cities or areas around cities from best place to retire to worst. They based the rankings on things like cost of living, crime rate (violent and property crimes), walkability, health care quality, state and local tax burden, personal well-being for seniors and weather (temperature and precipitation).

So how’d we do when all the chips were on the table?

Well, with the exceptions of New York City and Little Rock, Arkansas, we’re literally the worst. Again.

The New Haven/Milford/Bridgeport area ranked 170th out of 172 areas, while the Hartford/East, West Hartford combo clocked in at 166th.

And that’s it. Those were our only two entries in the contest. We were bested by places in Arizona, Massachusetts, Iowa, Virginia – well, basically we were beat by places everywhere else in the country.

It’s sad, but we’re getting a inkling feeling that these studies are slowing taking away pieces of life in Connecticut. First, it’s summer. Second, it’s retirement. Sooner or later the headlines are going to read: “Study: GTFO of Connecticut Because Everything About it Sucks.”

Thanks, Science.

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