Nice.  Considering everything I love to eat will, invariably, kill me one day.  So, let’s just take this study with a grain of salt.  Because we need to save it for our french fries.

Sadly, yes, french fries can and will kill you.  CT Post got their hands on this wild new study that attacks America’s favorite side dish.

And they attacked it with much gusto because the mortality rate of spud consumption was the thing of legends.  Or something.  Because they concluded that those who nosh on french fries twice a week will die.

Here’s a brief summary of this crazy study.  A bunch of Italians studied the eating habits of 4,440 American participants, aged 45 to 79 years, for about 8 years.  Approximately 236 people died during the study.

And, apparently, those that kicked the bucket loved their fried food.

So, they concluded that eating fried potato sticks will give you a nice case of death.  However, they did offer a silver lining.  Those who ate unfriend potatoes weren’t affected, so they saw no premature death correlation there.

In short.  Those who chowed down on the fried stuff died.  Those that didn’t survived.

Makes sense.

Then again, a 5 percent death rate isn’t that high.  I mean, by the time that study finished, the participants were between 53 and 87.  So, age could probably have been a factor in some of those passings.

But, what do I know?  I don’t have a science degree nor did I study medicine.  There’s only so much doctor stuff I understand without consulting Wikipedia or my (more successful) friends who work in hospitals.

I do know this: moderation is key.  If I want to lose weight, I have to watch what I eat and make conscious decisions to abstain from red meats, friend foods, and sweets.  Which kills me, by the way.

Also, same goes for wanting to eat a little healthier.

Nothing’s wrong with treating myself now and then, especially after a long trying week.  Or just because.  I mean, I’m an adult, I do what I want.  I can buy a cake if I want to and no one can stop me.

So, take this new study as you will.  I mean, considering researchers still can’t figure out if chocolate, red wine, and coffee are good or bad for our health… yeah.  There’s only one study out about eating french fries.  As of right now, research claims french fries will 100% kill you.

I wouldn’t be surprised if another study comes out sometime this month refuting it.

That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.  Or something.

Here, check out the cool video, just in case you need something a little more condensed than the tripe that I just wrote.

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