Ah, Yale University students. The best and the brightest of all American youths. The privileged. The elite! Five Presidents of the United States graduated from Yale. 52 Nobel laureates have graced the hallowed halls. 13 living billionaires. Clearly, these are people that have to know what they’re doing.

However, it’s what Yale students are not doing that is most troublesome. Something that they should have learned to do a very long time ago. Seriously, by kindergarten they should know about this.

Using the crosswalk.

Yes, the crosswalk – arguably the simplest thing to learn when learning about street safety. Really, it is when you think about it. It has no words – even though it’s pretty clear what “STOP,” “ONE WAY” and “YIELD” read by color alone, they do have words, but the crosswalk is just black and white lines – it doesn’t even require color! When you need to cross a busy street, you cross at the crosswalk. It’s not hard. That’s not stopping Yale’s elite student body from ignoring this basic tenet of ambulation. An epidemic has reached New Haven as Yale students repeatedly and wantonly jaywalk to and fro.

So, in comes the faculty with a new public safety campaign. Four officials posed like the Beatles on the infamous “Abbey Road” album cover with a simple slogan adorned above – “Please Use Crosswalk.”¬†Because apparently Yale students are infantile children.





Source: New Haven Register | Top Image: (c) iStock/Thinkstock

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