It seems like Apple pressed fast-forward, skipping right past the iPhone 7s when they announced the iPhone 8 and 8 plus yesterday.

The new iPhones — which will be available for preorder on Sept. 15 and in stores Sept. 22 — are different than the predecessor, the iPhone 7 both on the inside and outside. For instance, these new iPhones have an all glass enclosure versus the typical aluminum casing the previous one had.

This new glass body design paves the way to *drumroll please* wireless charging. Now, you can lay your iPhone on a wireless Qi- based charging and it will charge your phone. It also promises to be “waterproof,” however if you’re going to be spending about $700 for the new iPhone, I wouldn’t recommend submerging it underwater.

In addition to the new casing and the wireless charging, the iPhone’s camera is receiving an upgrade as well, as it will have a dual 12 MP camera. According to the Apple site, the camera will also possess portrait mode and portrait lighting. That can definitely up your selfie game.

Both the iPhone 8 and 8 plus come in 64 and 256 GB, which means no longer having to delete photos or apps to create storage space. In addition to three colors: gold, silver and space gray. The iPhone 8 starts at $699, while the 8 plus starts at $799.

However, as Steve Jobs would say, there was “one more thing.” And that is, the iPhone X — known as the iPhone ten, which was released in honor of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone.

And, this is a pretty cool iPhone, if I do say so myself. One of my favorite features of this new device is Animoji. Animoji, according to the iPhone X’s page on the Apple Site, is emoji that shows your facial expression.

Woah, that’s pretty cool.

Like the iPhone 8 and 8 plus, this iPhone has a dual 12 MP camera, and the option for wireless charging.

With all of these amazing features added to this fancy iPhone, we do say goodbye to one familiar feature of the iPhone — the home button. The Apple site says that is to “create an iPhone that is entirely screen,” which makes the device able to respond to “a tap, your voice, and even a glance.”

You must be asking: how does that work?

Easy. All you have to do is swipe when going through app to app. And, the phone possess Face ID, which lets you unlock the phone through facial recognition. You can even program it for when you’re using Apple Pay.

How cool is that? Welcome to the future, folks.

With all this technology, it comes at a pretty price — starting at $999. However, you have some time to save your pennies. This iPhone won’t be in stores until Nov. 3, with preorders starting Oct. 27.

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