Ahh, spring time:

The green grass grows, the birds return, and the days finally start to get warm and long. Even as someone who is allergic to pollen and grass: I love it.  However, every year, I seem to forget what April has to offer. On days like today it’s abnormally dark, it’s wet, and it’s muddy. Not really winter, but not spring enough either. Easter and Passover are the best parts of this month, the rain is the worst.  NBC CT reports that in the next week alone we could see up to 4 inches of rain, and that could lead to flooding. April in CT (Bridgeport) typically sees 4.13 inches of rain total. The April showers are already starting to cause commuters problems, firefighters had to rescues two drivers from cars stuck on flooded roads in Stratford. The rain will continue this week with a storm moving in on Thursday (NBC has issued a storm warning for today as well as Thursday). At the very least, the April showers mean that the May flowers will be here soon.

Stay dry!

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