When it comes to eating and drinking CT doesn’t disappoint. We are famous for our pizza and steamed burgers plus our beer scene is growing every day. But what about breakfast? Not that you can’t have beer for breakfast, it’s just frowned upon by just about everyone. Thankfully there are donuts and CT has a ton of places to get great ones.

Our State Rocks compiled a list of the best donut joints in CT. Here they are for you to argue about. Was your favorite not listed? Leave it in the comments.

Donut Crazy
Neil’s Donuts
Heav’nly Donuts
Dixie Donuts
Brooklyn Baking Company
Flanders Donut Bagel & Bake Shop

I feel like a failure as I have only had donuts from 2 of the above (Neil’s and Donut Crazy). I now have something to do this weekend provided it doesn’t snow again.

Via ourstaterocks.com

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