Ah, Homesnacks, how we missed thee.  Whenever we crave a list that we really don’t need, they burst through the wall like a heroic Kool-Aid man.  This time, however, is a list that really stirred up some controversy.  They claim they know the 10 best places to live in CT.

So, they compiled their list by using the holy powers of FBI Crime Data and the US Census.  They compared median home values, crime, unemployment, and other data such as commute times and health insurance coverage.  And home values, that’s also a pretty big factor.

In addition, they decided not to pit large metro areas against small towns.  How fair is it to pit Hartford against Fenwick, which has 78 residents.

So, this particular roundup seems a bit more balanced than others.

Wild, right?

Click through to find out if you live in some of Connecticut’s best places.  Then let me know if you agree on the results!

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