Enter this place if you dare.  Because Union Cemetery in Easton may send you home screaming.  CT’s famous ghost hunting family, the Warrens, say so.

Okay, so I’ve never been to this place so I can only go off of OnlyInYourState‘s account.  But, this place looks absolutely harrowing.

Union Cemetery houses numerous ghosts, from your run-of-the-mill soldiers on horseback and giggling children to downright sinister spirits.  This place does go back 400 years, so there’s plenty of ghosts around to tickle your fancy .

But, there’s two paranormal forces there that would make perfect Supernatural villains.  Wait, the series still focuses on that stuff, right?  I kinda jumped ship during season 4 and never looked back.


Hope the metaphor still stands.

Anyways, according to Damned Connecticut, the White Lady is Union Cemetery’s most infamous ghost.  They wrote a pretty interesting profile about her.  Basically, she enjoys scaring the living Christ out of people.

She’ll apparently wander in the middle of Route 59 and let a car “hit” her.  Dozens of witnesses claim they’ve gotten out of their cars to check on her, but found no one there.

No one knows the White Lady’s true origins.  However, she inspired several theories.  There’s a pretty sinister rumor that she killed her husband back in the 40’s.  Shortly after, someone murdered her.

Another rumor claims she died during childbirth.  Or, there’s another theory claiming her murderer dumped her body in a sinkhole at the turn of the century.  But, no one knows the true story about how she wound up at Union Cemetery.

At least people know what she looks like.  Ed Warran famously captured her on video, which shows a woman with long raven hair dressed in a white gown.

One thing’s for sure, she never lost her sense of humor.  Besides spooking those on Route 59, some visitors claim they saw her floating among the headstones.

However, the White Lady won’t actually hurt you.  So, if you “accidentally” hit her, that’s all you need to worry about.  She won’t appear in your back seat after the incident and murder you.

So, that’s nice.

Still, that doesn’t excuse her from being a total jerk!

Another spirit, named “Red Eyes” garnered somewhat of a reputation at Union Cemetery, too.  Honestly, I wouldn’t want to meet this one.  He sounds like such a creeper.

Paranormal investigators claim they’ll suddenly feel someone watching them and then hot breath on the back of their necks.  When they turn around, they’ll see a pair of glowing red eyes watching them from the distance.

Thankfully, that’s all he (or she) does.  But, no one’s stuck around long enough to figure out if Red Eyes does anything else besides creep on you.

Still, I’d take the White Lady over Red Eyes any day.

Renowned ghosthunters Ed and Lorraine Warren gathered a bunch of “evidence” over the years on Union Cemetery.  They claim it’s one of the most haunted places in the state.

Other paranormal researchers claim they saw spirits, mists, hands shooting from the ground, and that they were covered in ectoplasm by the end of the night.  Also, people who visited during the day claim they felt “cold spots” or heard odd noises.

Either way, there’s one thing you should know about this place.  It’s off limits after dark.  So, if you chance a nighttime outing, Easton Police might be the ones taking your photo instead.

Also, if you’re too chicken to chance visiting there at any time of the day, there’s plenty of videos on YouTube to sate your curiosity.

Like this one right here:

So, have you ever been to Union Cemetery?  What was it like?  Tell me in the comments below!

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