More people are getting by living paycheck to paycheck.  I mean, the economy is doing somewhat better, but it’s nowhere near close to great.

Wages have stagnated. Insurance has gone up.  Taxes are bigger than ever.  Plus, the overall cost of living has skyrocketed in Connecticut.

So, it shouldn’t be that big of a shock that it’s nearly impossible to live comfortably in Connecticut.  Unless if you make six figures, chances are you live paycheck to paycheck.

I know, it’s such a glamorous lifestyle.  Nothing is more scintillating than mentally juggling numbers to make sure everything is paid for.  And, that you have enough.

If you live in Connecticut, you probably do a ton of mental juggling.  Or, as I call it, frantically checking the ol’ bank account before making any major payments.  Like groceries.  Or the electricity bill.  You know, the real important stuff. has ranked every state from least to most likely you’ll live between paychecks.  Coming in 7th this year is our wonderful little state.

GoBankingRates writes, “Connecticut residents need more money to get by because of the relatively high cost of food — the third-highest in the U.S.”

The website also said our high cost of housing sucks away 40% of our collective salaries.  Our high health insurance premiums do us no favors in the money saving department, either.

Overall, it sucks to save money in Connecticut.

GoBankingRates says the average household earns  $2,744.08 per paycheck on average.  Take out the cost of living expenses, and we’re left with about $525.

As for the worst state to live in, Hawaii took home the gold.

On the other hand, your paycheck will go really far in Mississippi, which is the cheapest state to live in.

Think Connecticut will go up or down in the list next year?  Let us know in the comments below!

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