Here in Connecticut, we take health pretty seriously. We are home to some of the nation’s biggest insurance providers. We are consistently ranked among the healthiest states in the country. And, like anyone, we like to keep ourselves up, moving around, and living longer.

So it’s a bit alarming to learn that when it comes to injuries, Connecticut’s most common ones are actually pretty serious.

According to the CT Post, a new study from health startup Amino looked at the most unusually common injuries in each state. Here in Connecticut, we apparently suffer more sprained backs, concussions, sprained hips, and knee injuries than any other state in the country.

I honestly don’t know what could be causing all these injuries, but I would imagine that some credit belongs to the fact that we have an older population. Young people are flocking to cities. Residents of all ages are fleeing Connecticut’s problematic government. That leaves us with older residents that are often too settled in to consider a big move. And when you’re older, your joints fade and you’re more susceptible to injuries.

Of course, according to the CT Post report, it could be worse. Out in Indiana, you’re more likely to be hit by projectiles than anywhere else. Texas has an alarmingly high rate of painful bug bites. At least here in Connecticut the report is blaming our injuries on our “weekend warrior” mentality – working a desk job all week and hurt ourselves by pushing too hard physically on our days off.

I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t seem like a hard problem to solve. Just cut back a little on the physical activity on the weekends, jog a little during the week, and work on your posture. Seems way better than living life looking over your shoulder for the next flying object or killer bug trying to gnaw your arm off.

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