A little over three years ago, George Lucas made a big announcement.  His production company, LucasFilm, had been sold to Disney.  Fans could expect not only sequels to the original Star Wars trilogy, but stand-alone movies that take place in the expanded Star Wars universe.

“It’s All Happening!” screamed the internet.

The first new Star Wars project under the Disney banner gets released nationwide December 18th.  It’s called The Force Awakens.  This is the beginning of something special.

Three years has never flown by so quickly.

Everything about The Force Awakens has been handled with care, delivered expertly to the waiting arms of both hardcore and casual audiences, and information about the movie has been held back to ensure a truly unique viewing experience in the Age of Information.

It’s a stark difference from Disney’s other fandemonium property, Marvel Comics, whose movie plots are more or less delivered entirely within the initial trailer.  All that we know about Star Wars is that it looks beautiful, some of the original heroes are back, and s–t looks like it’s about to go down.

What more could you want in a movie?




If you can force your way into a movie theater this weekend, you should.  This is truly a debut that you’ll be telling your kids about when they discover Star Wars for themselves.



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